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The Diary of a Wandering Mind

This section is a sort of blog. It could go anywhere, but initially I see it as a way of organising my thoughts about the science Iíve been learning recently from some amazing books and TV documentaries.

I suspect that my hunger for knowledge about Nature and and Universe is a defence mechanism against the tendency of older people to seduced by the temptations of religion. I watch TV programmes on these subjects avidly and request related books from the library so I can dig deeper.

Many of the pages listed here were rescued from the Paul who? folder, which was getting altogether too bloated and disorganised. You had to follow a link called Religion? Atheist to find the science stuff, which was daft.

Iíve taken advantage of the Sites4Doctors site management systemís document publishing facility, which creates links automatically to the documents and web-pages in a folder, displaying them on an automatically-created home-page. What youíre reading now is the intoductory text for such a page.

Since starting this section Iíve added a new facility to my version of the script that delivers pages so that I can control how the links are ordered. For this section the links are in date-order - oldest-first in terms of when the pages were originally created.

Most recently (15 April 2010) Iíve added a ídate-updatedí suffix to each link. This is necessary because I find Iím constantly going back and changing pages to take account of new stuff Iíve learnt and sometimes written about separately on other pages.

Personal site for Paul Marsden: frustrated writer; experimental cook and all-round foodie; amateur wine-importer; former copywriter and press-officer; former teacher, teacher-trainer, educational software developer and documenter; still a professional web-developer but mostly retired.

This site was transferred in June 2005 to the Sites4Doctors Site Management System, and has been developed and maintained there ever since.