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Good stuff guide

As I creak towards the age of 69, I realise that Iíve learnt a lot about finding good stuff to make life more comfortable and pleasurable. Maybe I should share some of this to provide others with a short-cut to what has taken me many decades to learn and find.

As time permits, Iím going to follow a typical day in my life, tour around the house and garden and use any other means to remind myself (an increasingly necessary process!) of the good stuff. Iíll add pages to this section of the site and my wonderful Sites4Doctors site management system will automatically provide links to them here.

So if youíre looking for sound lifestyle information (for which I take no responsibility whatever!) this may be a good place to keep looking.

Be warned, though: one of the things I have learnt is that it pays to buy really good stuff, so this isnít a guide to buying cheap. Having said that, there will be some tips on getting the best stuff for the best prices.

Personal site for Paul Marsden: frustrated writer; experimental cook and all-round foodie; amateur wine-importer; former copywriter and press-officer; former teacher, teacher-trainer, educational software developer and documenter; still a professional web-developer but mostly retired.

This site was transferred in June 2005 to the Sites4Doctors Site Management System, and has been developed and maintained there ever since.