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The Online Cookbook

Some years ago I sent an outline for a book to about fourteen carefully selected publishers. It was about travel in France, buying wine direct from French producers - and mostly about food and cooking. I thought it looked good. So did my new partner (and now wife) Patricia, and so did quite a few of her friends.

Sadly the publishers didnít agree, so I decided to exploit the freedom we all have if we can use the web to publish it myself.

The links in the big list below take you to the various pages. They appear in ascending order of age: the ones at the bottom are the oldest, and the ones at the top are either the newest or the most recently revised. The three introductory sections, intended to be read before getting to grips with recipes and techniques, are scattered all over the place, so here are fixed links to them:

I hope you will find some of this stuff interesting, amusing and - just maybe - useful. The more recent stuff reflects the fact that I?ve been doing a lot of experimental work in the kitchen and using this section of the site to record what I've done and how it has worked out. So there are pages on my trials (and tribulations) with sourdough bread, sous-vide cooking, making my own yogurt and even keeping a self-destructing Gaggia espresso machine alive and productive

What you will find is that some of these pages go back a very long way - to 2005, and that's only when they were last updated! And some will seem very naive. The most obvious examples are the various pages about bread and breadmaking, because I'm still recording new experiments now.

Personal site for Paul Marsden: frustrated writer; experimental cook and all-round foodie; amateur wine-importer; former copywriter and press-officer; former teacher, teacher-trainer, educational software developer and documenter; still a professional web-developer but mostly retired.

This site was transferred in June 2005 to the Sites4Doctors Site Management System, and has been developed and maintained there ever since.